The first general assembly of academies and schools alumni

The first general assembly of academies and schools alumni earmarked a significant cooperation called Assembly of Service Academies and Schools Alumni Association of the Philippines (ASASAAP) on January 15, 2021, which includes Philippine Military Academy Alumni Association, Inc. (PMAAAI), the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy Alumni Association, Inc. (PMMAAAI), Philippine National Police Academy Alumni Association (PNPAAAI), Philippine Air Force Flying School Alumni Association, Inc. (PAFFSAAI), Officer Candidate School Alumni Association, Inc. (OCSAAI), Coast Guard Officer's Course Alumni Association, Inc. (CGOCAAI), the Alumni Society of Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific, Inc. (ASMAAPI), held at the Camp Aguinaldo Golf Club in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City.

The formal launch of the ASASAAP was an offshoot of its first coordination between the boards of PMAAAI and PMMAAAI meeting on October 5, 2020 held at the Philippine Navy Golf Club (PNGC) which tentatively called itself ASAAP. It is then followed by series of meetings with other service academies and schools alumni association.

The significant event also witnessed the handover ceremony of Chairmanship from Cav Edgar Aglipay ‘71 during the interim organization to a more action-filled and quite demanding by calling – the formal organization with finality of name – to be first led by incoming Chairman Cav Amado T Espino Jr '72, who was then incumbent Vice Chair of PMAAAI.

Member Associations hope to see tangible proofs of professional and leadership development, networking and engagement and advocacy of better services to society; and the mission to develop, inspire, and promote fellowship among it alumni members. The PMMAAAI, likewise expressed its appreciation for the initiatives of P/General Aglipay for hosting the very first meeting wherein from the interim government came into passing of formal governance of this noble organization.

The ASASAAP objectives include professional and leadership development, networking and engagement and advocacy of better services to society, and to develop, inspire, and promote fellowship among its alumni members by making the Assembly to serve as an annual refresher for its members to form friendships.

Areas of Cooperation include enhancement of professional and leadership development; establishment of strong networking and engagement links; organization of joint management and entrepreneurial activities such as seminars, conferences, and symposia or lectures; exchanges of researches, publications, and other materials of common interests; and participation in nation-building, to include formulation and recommendation of policies for nation-building.

In order to carry out and fulfill the objectives of this Assembly, the parties agree to appoint a Working Group from each part to craft and coordinate the development and conduct of joint activities of the ASASAAP. Any one among the parties' working groups may initiate proposas for activities under this Assembly, with letters of agreement pertaining to (a) tasks and responsibilities of the parties for agreed-upon activities; (b) schedules for specific activities; (c) budgets and sources of financing for each activity, and (d) any other item necessary for the efficient and effective operation of the Assembly; and (e) working groups from each party will additionally be responsible for the evaluation of activities under this Assembly according to the practices of their respective Associations.

For one, the PMMAAAI leadership among others, expect to see herein how the areas of cooperation will be explored – allowing an avenue of professional cooperation among the elite groups which added a strong-force image to ASASAAP, since the objectives and purposes of the Assembly is really beneficial and helpful to all member associations.

Among the membership represented by its leaders include Edgar B Aglipay of the PMAAAI, Chito Felix C. Majabague of the PMMAAAI, Willian S Macavinta of the PNPAAAI, Rene S Diaz of the PAFFSAAI, Maxima O Ignacio of the OCSAAI, Algier T Ricafrente of the CGOCAAI, and Ruszell J Apchecha of the ASMAAPI.

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