Message from CE Chito Felix C. Majabague and PMMAAAI BOD’s 2019 and 2020

Dear Sirs’ and bunkmates!

Whatever unfortunate situation we are in right now, we all deserve a big round of applause. Thus, congratulations to all! Our Association has reached its 51st year this month August 5, 2020.

In those 50 years, our Association has stood as witness to the industry’s ebb and flow both globally and locally.

Now that the industry is passing through probably the lowest ebb in the industry’s post war years, the Association has seen unprecedented challenges brought about by the new corona virus that has already claimed close to 700,000 lives and infected around 18.5 million people worldwide to date.

We, the Association’s directors and members have witnessed, for the first time, the worsening crisis on crew change, where hapless fellow seafarers had been working without relief for over 12 months in violation of the Maritime Labor Convention 2006.

The Association deeply sympathizes with them for working too long away from their families as well as those, on the other hand, who are onshore and could not leave, forced to undergo prolonged vacation, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To express its sympathy, the PMMA Alumni Association joins the growing number of industry groups led by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in urging governments to take serious steps to help ease crew changes amid the pandemic.

This specter caused by COVID-19 has not spared our Association and our important activities. It earlier forced the Association to call off not just the historic Bicentennial celebration of our beloved Alma Mater but our traditional Grand Alumni Homecoming as well.

Notwithstanding the cancellation our most important yearly gathering, however, the Association’s Board of Directors (BOD) and the Host Class for 2020 Homecoming pushed through with the raffle last week. Thus, our warmest congratulations to the winners!

Back to the pandemic’s effect on the Association, we now have to contend with a virtual celebration of its 51st Anniversary. Anyway, this is the first in our Association’s history.

Due to present pandemic situation, it is with much regrets to inform you the decision of the BOD’s to postpone the elections of the new set of directors both for the PMMA Alumni Foundation and Association this October 2020, until the situation improves by end of 2021.

Finally, on behalf of the BOD, I would like to exhort every member to remain resilient and continue to play a significant role in the maritime industry as we overcome these challenges confronting the Association.

Keep safe and healthy!

Mabuhay ang PMMA Alumni Association!

Greetings from,

CE Chito Felix C. Majabague and

PMMAAAI BOD’s 2019 and 2020




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