First meeting of PMAAAI & PMMAAAI BOD for organizing ASAAP (Tentative Name)

DATE: October 5, 2020 LOCATION: PNGC

EVENT: First meeting of PMAAAI & PMMAAAI BOD for organizing the Assembly of Service Alumni Association of the Philippines or ASAAP (Tentative Name)

PARTICIPATING ORGANIZATIONS: 1. Philippine Military Academy Alumni Association Inc. (PMAAAI) 2. Philippine National Police Academy Alumni Association (PNPAAAI) 3. Philippine Merchant Marine Academy Alumni Association Inc. (PMMAAAI) 4. Philippine Air Force Flying School Alumni Association Inc. (PAFFSAAI) 5. Maritime Academy of Asia and Pacific Alumni Association Inc. (MAAPAAI).

ATTENDEES: PMAAAI - Chairman Gen Edgar Aglipay & BOD~BGen Danilo Servando, Col Arthur Laylo, RAdm Doy Punzalan, Col Tex Balmaceda, MGen Jose Lalisan, BGen Alcasid & Gen George Piano.

PMMAAFI - President Capt Jess Morales, PMMAAAI - President CE Chito Majabague & BOD - Doc Mike Dumangeng, Doc Nelson Frias, CE Jomel Paradero, Ms Jade Arroyo - Secretariat, Engr. Edison Battala - Alumni.

EVENT HIGHLIGHTS: Both alumni BOD’s agreed and accepted in forming the ASAAP(Assembly of Service Alumni Association of the Phils)

Further notice will be posted after the working group, composed of three (3) representative of different alumni on how we will work areas of cooperation, i.e. fellowship, leadership, professional development, and service to assembly members.

The working group will formulate the final name of this organization, objectives, activities, schedule of meetings and memorandum of agreement or understanding.

We would like to thank Gen Edgar Aglipay for hosting this first meeting.

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