These we seek to accomplish

  • Clearing house of information 

  • Forum of ideas and concern 

  • Hub of development efforts 

  • Dependable help and advocate 


To foster a close knit brotherhood with virtuous integrity and professionalism determined to support its Alma Mater, attain its vision and mission, assists its members and families successfully achieve all its endeavour, become a fountain-head of maritime leaders, and a prolific advocate of the industry needs. 


  •  To organize and develop the PMMAAAI to become financially stable capable of enhancing the quality of life of its Members and other Filipino Seafarers. 

  • To strengthen the Association’s unity and commitment and coordinate its efforts towards assisting its members to grow in their respective fields of endeavour thereby maintaining a dignity and professional excellence. 

  • To support the PMMA maintain its status as the seat of maritime academic excellence. 

  • To promote the PMMAAA Inc. thru representation in the international conferences, website/on line and tracers/tracking systems for graduates.