Our association sprung to life in August 1969. The founding group consisting primarily of graduates of the PMMA classes 66,67, 68 and 69 foresaw the need to consolidate efforts and work towards a common goal of brotherhood among its members and the upliftment of standards of the marine profession. It was originally intended as a close club of graduates from classes 66 onwards since at the time of founding, there was an existing alumni association of graduates of the Philippine Nautical School, the forerunner of the PMMA. The first known formal meeting of the PMMAAA was held at the residence of Danny F. Veida ’67 in October 1969 in Project 4, Quezon City where the association was organized and the first Elections conducted and resulted as follows:


    • Danilo F Venida '67


    • Alfredo G. De Guzman '66


    • Ernesto Morales '68



  • Alejo Vinluan '66

  • Makaraig Cuevas '67

  • Serafin Parawan '68

  • Orlando F. Tucay '69



The PMMAAA, Inc. was granted its corporate identity on Oct. 27, 1969 by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Incorporators were:


  • Danny F. Venida '67

  • Ernesto Morales 67'

  • Santiago Granada III '66

  • Diofonce Tunacao '66

  • Ceasar Rivera '66

  • Reynaldo Rosales '67

Instrumental to the founding of the PMMAAA are Captain Rogelio Morales then superintendent, Cdr. Emilio S. Prieto Jr., and Capt. Dominador S. Villena who served as advisers and provided guidance thru organizational process.

By mid-1970, the PMMAAA was fully organized but beset by problems inherent to a new organization. It was at this point of time when the idea of integrating PNSAA and the PMMAAA was crystallized combining the efforts of both organization towards the achievement of common goals. By 1971, the rudiments of the integration was ready and the corresponding by-laws of the PMMAAA was re-written to include provisions for membership of the graduates from the Philippine Nautical School. This revised version was consequently approved by the SEC on February 28, 1972.

The second election was conducted on October 24, 1971 in consonance with the celebration of the foundation day of the PMMA and Alumni Homecoming. The results were as follows:



For 1972-1974

  • Commodore HILARIO M. RUIZ, AFP  -  President/Chaiman

  • Captain DOMINADOR VILLENA, MM  -  Executive Vice President

  • Captain PEDRO CARIAGA. -  VP-External Affairs

  • Ensign MAKARAIG CUEVAS, PN. -  VP-Internal Affairs

  • Lt. Commander ROMULO GUERRERO, PMMA. -  Secretary General

  • Lietenant LEANDRO R. PENA, PN. -  Treasurer General

  • Lt. Commander SIMEON BALITA, PN  -  Auditor General

  • Ensign JUANITO MORCO, PN. -  Public Relations Officer

  • Commodore ERNESTO R. OBGINAR, AFP. -  Director

  • Captain CECILIO O YUTADCO, PN -   Director

  • Commodore PABLO GUTIERREZ, PN. -  Director

  • Lieutenant. ADONIS DONATO, PN. -  Director

  • Ensign REUBEN S. LISTA, PN. -  Director

  • Ensign SERAFIN PARANAN, PN. -  Director

  The ensuing period that followed was uneventful because the PMMAAA was plagued with internal conflicts and became a hostage of its bureaucratic organizational set-up. Interest of its officers and members begun feeling that “ alumni fever” again. Towards the end of the year the “ revival movement” gained considerable headway and a steering committee was constituted with the task of working out the revitalization process. At the same time, a coordinating center was established located at the ground floor of the Chamber of Commerce Bldg., Intramuros, Manila thru the courtesy of Capt. Samson Delgado and Capt. Rynaldo Casareo who generously provided the space. That steering committee was headed by Danny Venida as Chairman with Diofonce Tunacao, Reynaldo Casareo, Romulo Guerrero, Orlando Tucay as members. The steering committee was indeed successful, thus, by Feb. 1979, a well attended general meeting was consummated and gave way for the election of a new set of officers based on 1972 revised by-laws. On June 21, 1980 the following alumni took their oath of office:

  • CAPT. REYNALDO D. CASAREO, MM -   President

  • CHIEF OFFICER DANILO F. VENIDA,MM. -  Executive Vice President

  • CAPT. MAMERTO DE GAMO, MM -   Vice President External Affairs

  • LCDR DIOFONCE F. TUNACAO, PN -   Vice President Internal Affairs

  • LCDR ORLANDO F. TUCAY, PN. -  Secretary

  • 2ND ENGR. ALEX ESTABILLO, MM -   Treasurer

  • LT. REUBEN LISTA, PN -   Auditor











  Under the stewardship of Capt. Casareo as President, the PMMAAA begun inching forward.
Contrary to rumors, this set of officers have succeeded to a certain point in enabling the alumni association to be recognized in the shipping and manning industry. For instance, it was thru the initiative of the PMMAAA that the plan to conduct Liberian licensure examination in the Philippines b ere-considered and suspended until the “gray areas” should have been cleared up. Our Association have also participated a forums and meetings at the Professional Regulations Commission where we were able to express our views and positions on some matters affecting our profession. Also, thru the
Representation made by Capt. Danilo Venida as Executive as Executive Vice President and the concurrent officer-in-charge of the Secretariat with Mrs. PARTRICIA STO. TOMAS, Administrator of the P.O.E.A. the PMMAAA has been included in the advisory committee of the MOLE on matters pertaining to the manning industry. It was also during this time that the first newsletter of the PMMAAA went into circulation and served as the medium communicating to its members.

The intricacies encountered by the present set of officers of our association are basically the same as in the past-its bureaucratic set-up. Decision processes were rather slow if not stagnant because of the difficulty of calling for meeting of officers (problems of quorum). This point in time coincides with the economic downturns which has adversely affected the shipping and manning industry. It was during this period that shipping business begun feeling the implications of world recession so most of us were busy somewhere else and their attention was diverted away from the affairs of the alumni association. In fact, many of our officers were often unable to answer calls for meetings which you will agree was a deterent to the functioning of the association. By the 2nd Quarter of 1981, the indications were beginning to follow the symptoms of the impasse from 1972 to 1979, it was decided that a working secretariat to be constituted again, to dissect, analize and explore solutions to the problems facing the PMMAAA. This approach paved the way for reconvening the board of directors, and the activation of a coordinating center at the Anson Arcade in Makati thru the auspices of Hammonia Marine Services. The officers who, for one reason or another cannot fulfil their obligation to the association were requested to execute letter appointing proxies which enabled the making of quorums on the directorate. In the case of Lcdr. Cenon Bobadilla who migrated to the United States, the board appointed Mr. Roy Palmejar of Class 1970 as Director to take his place. Similarly, when Lcdr. Diroso accepted shipboard assignment overseas, the board appointed Lt. Trajano to take his place.

The working secretariat, which is the nerve center of coordinations and activities, have been relocated from Makati to its present site having in mind accessibility to its members. Presently, the secretariat is manned by volunteer members who offer their time and effort without any compensation. They share the view and hold the conviction that the PMMAAA should be kept alive and fulfil its objectives.

The reactivation of the Secretariat provided the momentum for faster developments. Under its umbrella, a committee was created to revise the by-laws with the view of compensating for the fault of previous set-up. The number of officers was reduced to seven who are at liberty to install and remove an impotent officer so as not to delay the decision process. The new by-laws have been finalized and is due for ratification come December 10, 1983. A membership committee was likewise created to expand the membership base and induce the previous members to return to the folds of PMMAAA. At the same time, a steering committee was constituted to work out plans for a general meeting set for Dec. 10, 1983. Both committee draws its members from all sectors of the marine businesses and the military.

Hopefully, the advance will be speeded up…. towards the goals of the PMMAAA, that is, the promotion of camaraderie and brotherhood among its members, involvement in shaping up of government policies affecting the marine profession.