Frequently asked questions

Is this open to anyone?

Yes! These yoga classes are 100% free and open to anyone willing to show up on their mat. The classes are designed for all levels so that whether you're brand new to yoga, or an experienced yogi, you'll find benefits from attending.

How long are the classes?

Each class is between 45-60 minutes. We start at 8a, and are finished by 9am before the sun starts to warm us up too much!

Can children attend?

Absolutely! Just know that younger children tend to get antsy during a longer practice. Children over the age of 8 should do just fine with our practice, but be prepared with activities to keep them entertained should they lose interest. We want everyone to enjoy their practice, including kids!

What's the inclement weather plan?

To stay up to date on any changes in the Yoga in the Park schedule, be sure to register for the class. You can do that by clicking here or by following the FB event page. I'll email participants and post any updates.


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