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         The PMMA Alumni Association Inc. gladly announces the issuance of PMMA Alumni Privilege Card as part of the Bicentennial celebration of our dear alma mater. The Alumni Privilege Card is more than just an identification card of the PMMA Graduates and Alumni Membership, it would entitle the card holder to avail discounts and other privileges given by the different Merchant Partners.



  1. Procedures


Students who graduated in the PMMA, PMMA Graduate School and Honorary/Associate Member of the PMMAAAI will automatically be entitled to an Alumni Privilege Card. 

Card Purchase
Only one card is allowed per graduate. Graduates cannot apply for cards on behalf of other graduates except for valid reasons and upon written authorization of the graduate to the applicant. They must present their school ID upon claiming the Alumni Privilege Card to verify that they bear the same student number, course and year graduated. PMMAAAI does not permit the sharing of the Card, student numbers or discounts with any other alumni. The Alumni Privilege Card is only for the exclusive use of the cardholder himself. If the PMMAAAI, believes that the Card is being used in any of these ways, it reserves its right to cancel Cardholder’s rights immediately.





We welcome alumni business owned and managed businesses to come on board as our Alumni Privilege Card Merchant Partners. Through our partner merchant MOA we will promote your brand or your business through our mailing lists and digital assets. For more information you may contact us at